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3 Common Causes of Power Outages in the Northeast

Power outages can be devastating for homeowners and businesses—and here in the Tri-State area, we’ve seen our fair share of electrical interruptions. In fact, New York has been ranked in the top five states where power outages occur most frequently for five years running. Today, power outages are more frequent—and more costly—than ever before: Sustained outages cost the economy $26…

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Are You Prepared for an OSHA Inspection?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for ensuring that companies are running safe, healthy workplaces. Every single week, OSHA drops in unannounced on an average of 1,000 employers to conduct a surprise inspection. With jurisdiction over roughly 7 million worksites, that may very well include your business. So, how can you prepare for one of these unexpected visits? (more…)

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How to Prepare for Summer Brownouts

If you’ve been in the tri-state area for the last few days, you’ll know that summer brownouts are a very real threat to homes, businesses, and public municipalities. We’re in the middle of what may turn out to be the longest heatwave to hit the tri-state area in over 50 years. Both the New York City Emergency Management Department and…