Standby Generator Preventative Maintenance

Keep your generator running in peak condition with routine professional maintenance.

You invested in emergency planning when you purchased your standby generator, so why wait until it’s too late to service it?

A well-maintained generator will not only provide power during an outage but will last for decades with proper care. Regular, scheduled maintenance visits by our expert team of technicians will guarantee that any potential malfunctions are corrected before problems arise with your standby generator.

Routine maintenance is crucial for businesses and facilities that need to maintain operations during an emergency. On top of staying up and running during an outage, regular standby generator maintenance helps you stay compliant with state, federal, and industry regulations.

Contact National Standby today for quality standby generator maintenance. We provide a total regimen of preventative maintenance to keep your home, business, or facility up and running when you need it most.

Annual Service Contracts

Invest in peace of mind with our comprehensive generator maintenance contract.

A well-maintained generator can provide decades of service. National Standby’s Annual Service Contract can save you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

Our Annual Service Contract saves you time, money, and frustration by ensuring a consistently reliable power supply. When you sign up for an Annual Service Contract, your service fees are 100% covered during normal business hours, and our fixed annual rates guarantee no unexpected fees.

Our comprehensive maintenance contract includes:

  • 24/7 Priority Service
  • Free Repairs During Normal Business Hours (Excludes Major Repairs)
  • Fixed Rate Annual Contract
  • All Calls Answered by NSR Professionals
  • Testing of Transfer Switches, Circuits, and Programming
  • Service Provided by Factory-Trained and Certified Professionals

Plus, when you sign up for our Annual Service Contract, we will warranty your generator for a full year, even if your manufacturer warranty expired (excludes parts).

Fuel Filtration, Scrubbing & Polishing Services

High-quality generators need high-quality fuel maintenance for optimal performance.

Your standby generator needs quality fuel to function. Old, low-quality diesel can cause serious system failure.

Make the health of your fuel system a priority by having its fuel regularly serviced. Guarantee a clean, top-quality fuel supply with National Standby’s professional fuel filtration, scrubbing, and polishing services.

If you haven’t experienced an outage in an extended period of time, you have two options: spend a significant amount of time and money draining and replenishing your diesel fuel supply or rely on an expert to provide fuel scrubbing services.

Diesel fuel degradation causes particulates and water to infiltrate your supply, putting your commercial standby generator at serious risk. Avoid system failures, minimize fuel costs, and maintain regulatory compliance with annual fuel scrubbing.

Trust the experts. Generators require professional care and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. National Standby provides on-site fuel testing services to check the quality of your supply, and the fuel scrubbing services your business needs to meet the required levels.

Need fuel testing? National Standby offers professional on-site fuel testing services to assess the quality of your existing fuel supply.

Load Bank Testing

Ensure you can rely on your standby generator when you need it most with regular load bank testing.

Load bank testing is an essential part of regular standby generator maintenance — especially if your generator goes unused for long periods of time.

Load bank testing produces an artificial load at the highest possible level limits to ensure your standby generator can operate effectively at its highest capacity. If your standby generator isn’t operating at full capacity very often, it’s critically important to conduct regular load bank testing as part of your preventative maintenance plan.

The experts at National Standby Repair offer top-quality load bank testing services to give our customers exactly what they invested in when they purchased their standby generator: peace of mind. In addition to providing standalone load bank testing, regular load bank testing services are included in our Annual Service Contract.