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Renting a standby generator is essential when it comes to powering your off-the-grid operations. A standby generator is the key to ensuring a reliable and consistent power supply for any project—big or small.

Whether you’re on-site or off-site, renting a standby generator will guarantee you stay up and running no matter what.

Consider the following factors when selecting a standby generator for your site’s power needs:


1.    Identify Your Power Needs

Determining your operational power requirements is crucial when it comes to renting a right-fit standby generator for your site or facility.

To find the best standby generator for your operations, the first step is deciding whether or not you require a unit that provides:

  • Full power daily
  • Priority power for significant systems and equipment
  • Reliable backup power for emergencies

For a reliable electrical supply, it’s important to calculate your power needs as accurately as possible. Consider factors such as your peak seasonal workload demands, industry regulations for minimum rated capacity, and your electrical use amperage.

For a rough estimate of your power needs, refer to this helpful energy usage estimating calculator or consult your local standby generator rental professional.


2.    Location of Generator

Choosing a safe and readily accessible location is vital when renting a standby generator.
It’s important to know exactly where your generator will be located to find a right-fit model.

When choosing a location for your generator rental, it’s important to keep in mind industry safety codes and regulations. Take the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for example; Code 37 requires generators to be at least 5 feet from openings in walls and structures with flammable walls.

Ensure that you stay compliant with safety regulations by selecting a right-fit location for your rental unit. If you are unsure of the best location for your rental generator, ask your professional standby generator provider when discussing your power needs.


3.    Be Aware of Sound Restrictions

Many standby generator models are known to produce a great deal of noise. It’s crucial to become aware of local sound restrictions and local noise regulations when renting a generator.

If there is a school zone, residential neighborhood, or shopping center close to your site, it’s likely there’s a sound ordinance in place to maintain reduced noise levels.

It’s important to inform your generator rental supplier about the sound regulations you are working with.

A reliable standby generator professional will recommend a unit that meets your power needs while adhering to local codes.

Factory-trained standby generator specialists will suggest a quieter or soundproof unit, or an acoustic enclosure to significantly reduce the noise levels being produced by the system.


4.    Who Is Responsible for Installation and Maintenance?

Installing a standby generator is a complex undertaking that requires licensed and trained service professionals to ensure success. Fortunately, many rental standby generator suppliers provide installation services and any required maintenance.

Selecting a reputable and reliable standby generator service company is key when renting a commercial power unit. It’s crucial to partner with a supplier who will not only provide you with the rental equipment you need, but expert technician support and service to guarantee your generator is operating at its rated capacity.


Trust the Experts

National Standby offers commercial generator rentals for all service professionals and off-the-grid facilities. We offer a wide rental selection including the nation’s leading generator brands such as Cummins, Generac, and Briggs & Stratton.

Our expert EGSA-certified technicians provide professional installation for a successful and seamless rental generator setup.


Get in touch today to find the right standby generator rental for your project.




Kristopher Schwind is the proud owner of National Standby Repair.