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Finding a reliable generator that will not break easily is important. Some things to consider when purchasing a generator include the size or power output of the machine, ease of use, and other quality features.

Overall, generators are made from several parts, so ensuring quality products is important because they can last longer, especially when used long-term. For instance, some machines are manufactured from cast iron heads that offer durability and strength, thus allowing the machine to keep working for longer.

The generator is one of the most important devices used during power outages. Generators convert heat into mechanical energy, producing electricity and other utilities. The available generators in the market are fueled by three different mediums: diesel, fuel, and natural gas.

Here are the best standby generators you can choose from:


Cummins generators are known to produce power from one unit. They followed the trend of being tall and heavy. This is due to the high-quality components used in the generators. Note that Cummins generators are designed for both home use and industrial use. This makes them suitable for powering large machinery applications and areas of your house.

A Cummins generator will serve the entire home without facing any power challenges. The generator comes in different sizes, so you can choose a generator that effectively suits your needs.


Kohler is one of the best brands as they are known to produce the best quality that are both durable and reliable. These generators are designed for long-term use. These generators can run on gas or diesel fuel.

Kohler generators can power a large area, making them ideal for home use. Hence, consumers can select a generator that suits their needs and location. You can also choose between a manual and an automatic generator.


Generac is another great generator brand that offers high-quality generators. It comes with a 5 10 year warranty for its products. Keeping their quality and efficiency in mind, a Generac is a reliable power source. And as an added benefit, you can have them replaced if they malfunction before the warranty period is over.

Generac generators are designed to give maximum output during power outages. The generators use natural gas, it is important to note that Generac generators can be used indoors and outdoors hence your ideal option during bad weather.


Asco creates automatic transfer switches, which help electrical currents switch from the primary source to a generator when needed. This ensures that if the power goes out, you don t need someone to go downstairs and flip a switch.

Asco automatic transfer switches can work with a range of generators and can work in commercial and residential settings. Along with automatic switches, Asco also makes bypass isolation, service transfer, manual, and custom switches.

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is a well-known manufacturer of generators. This is because they are known to produce the best quality generators that are designed to be used on a long-term basis. Briggs & Stratton generators also come with long warranties, which means you will not have to spend much money on maintenance and repairs.

This makes them ideal for remote areas without electricity or during power outages.

This generator will effectively keep your appliances running whenever there is an outage. It is important to hire a qualified electrician to install the automatic switch that would switch on the generator as soon as the power goes out.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Generator

After reading the above information, you may decide that it is time to buy a generator for your home. However, if you are still unsure about which generator to buy for your home, this article will discuss the different factors to consider when choosing a generator. These factors are:

Size and Type of Your House

  • ­There is a wide variety of home generators in the market today. As such, it is important to choose one that can meet your needs and not one that you will end up owing more than you expected.
  • ­Generators that are suitable for small and medium-sized homes can be used to power appliances such as a refrigerator and air conditioning units. They are compact, making them easy to store in smaller areas like garages. By using these generators, you do not have to worry about the extra cost.
  • ­The most common type of generator is the standby generator, commonly used in homes. They are designed to automatically switch on when there is a power outage by using the automatic switch.

Fuel Type

The generators produce power using fuel as a source of energy. Generators three common sources of energy are natural gas, propane, and diesel.


  • Fuel type is determined by the fuel tank size and the type of generator you choose. As such, if you are planning to use the generator at home, it is advisable for you to choose a generator that runs on natural gas as they are cheaper and easier to maintain when compared to diesel generators. However, what fuel you use is\ dependent on home size, and some larger houses will need diesel generators.
  • Portable generators have small fuel tanks, limiting the time they can power appliances before refueling. However, portable generators come with a lot of caveats, such as them not being automatic, and having to move and plug them in whenever power goes out. With standby generators, power will automatically be switched on when the main source shuts down.
  • Fuel type also determines the price of operation as well as maintenance cost. For instance, you would incur lower maintenance costs on natural gas generators because they are to maintain and clean.

The fuel cost is one of the main factors for consideration because it will determine the amount of money you will spend on charging your home. As such, you need to pick one that uses the least amount of fuel to save money.


Make sure you have ample space to fit a generator if needed since standby units are 500 pounds. Even though they’re larger, they re much easier to use and much more reliable than portable ones.

It s important to consult your regional vendors or stores to find out which one will serve you best depending on an individual s preference.

In addition, the generator should come with a battery and a charger to ensure that your work does not go to waste. On top of that, it s important to maintain your standby generator at least once a year. The larger and more used your generator is, the more maintenance and service it will require.

Ease of Use


  • Ease of use is crucial because you need to ensure that the machine you bought will make it easier for you to operate. This will help increase your machine s lifespan, especially when running it for long hours. In addition, it is also important to check on other features such as the safety features and other conveniences that come with your machine.
  • ­

  • Before choosing a generator, ensure you have identified your needs and an ideal generator to cover such needs. If you do not buy the right generator, it might cost you a lot during maintenance. It might also not serve the intended purpose.

While all of these generators are useful during an emergency, it is important to note that each has unique features and benefits. As such, it is vital to research each group and find the one that best suits your needs.

Many people get confused when they want to buy a generator. There are many options available on the market, and getting the most suitable one is quite challenging. The most important thing you must remember is that you need an AC (Alternating Current) generator for your home if you want to have power during emergencies and power outages.

Therefore, these generators are very important for everyone s house. As there are many generator manufacturers on the market now, it is quite challenging for everyone who wants to buy a new generator for their home. To simplify this process, you can now read our reviews of the best standby generators on the market.