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If you own a standby generator, consider signing an annual maintenance contract with a certified service provider to make the most of your investment.


With regular preventative maintenance, you can significantly extend the lifespan of your standby generator. A well-maintained emergency power system can provide decades of service and save thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.


There are countless reasons to invest in an annual maintenance contract. Here at National Standby Repair, we can’t stress enough how important it is for standby generator owners to ensure they’re relying on the experts to assess, repair, and service their systems on a regular basis.


We’re just as invested in the success of your standby generator as you are. That’s why we created our comprehensive Annual Service Contracts with our customers in mind.


So, what exactly do our Annual Service Contracts entail?


Here’s everything National Standby Repair does to keep your emergency power systems up and running year-round:


Our Comprehensive Annual Generator Checks & Maintenance


The financial impact of standby generator failure varies on a case-by-case basis, but as you know, these are complex, sophisticated pieces of machinery—and they’re a significant investment to protect your home or business.


That being said, system failures can be costly—and in many cases, totally avoidable with regular preventative maintenance.


That’s why our Annual Maintenance Contracts cover every single aspect of your system:




Check or replace spark plugs

Check or replace ignition points

Check distributor & spark plug wires

Oil or grease distributor


Oil level check

Oil change

Replace oil filter

Lubricate governor

Service air cleaner

Grease water pump, idler pulley & fan hub

Oil/grease generator bearings

Check unit for oil leaks


Check belts for condition & adjustment

Check coolant level & leakage

Check & record anti-freeze protection

Check all hoses & tighten hose clamps

Check ventilation louver operation

Check engine block heater & thermostat

Check & clean radiator fins

Check stand pipe & flex connections

Check discharge flow rate (city water)

Check damper motors for adjustment

Pressure test system


Check flexible exhaust connection

Drain condensation traps

Check all hangers & brackets

Check generator flex plate

Check for high temperature hazards

Check rain cap & leakage

Check turbo charger runout & end play

Check vibra mount hardware

Check engine mounting hardware

Set governor no load buffer

Seal all wire ports


Clean posts & terminals

Neutralize & clean excess acid

Check electrolyte level

Check charger float setting

Load test batteries

Check battery charger charge rate

Check engine charge rate

Check battery condition


Check control panel mounts

Check A.C. splice connections

Check starter operation

Check engine monitor gauges

Check buss & breaker connections

Check AC & DC brushes

Clean slip rings & commutator

Check AC output & calibrate meters

Check & set frequency

Check all wire termination points

Check rotating diode assembly

Check exciter components


Exerciser clock setting

Time delay relays

Load & power failure test

Check contactor with load

Return all switches to automatic mode

Check wire termination points in switch


Run unit to normal operating temperature

Observe all meters & gauges

Prove out all safety shutdown controls

Install service form & danger sign

Return unit to fully automatic mode


Check fuel on hand & report

Check day tank float switch adjustment

Check transfer pump & check valve

Check system for water at main & day tank

Change fuel filters

Check fuel regulator valve vent

Check flexible fuel connections



Additional Benefits

Our Annual Maintenance Contracts provide more than just once-a-year preventative service for your standby generator. With one of our contracts, we also guarantee:

  • 24/7 Priority Service
  • Free Repairs
  • Full Standby Generator Warranty (even if your manufacturer’s warranty expired)
  • Detailed Written Reports Covering Condition, Maintenance & Recommendations
  • On-Call NSR Standby Generator Experts
  • Service Provided by Factory-Trained & Certified Professionals

We can’t emphasize the importance of an Annual Maintenance Contract enough. You invested in emergency planning when you purchased your standby generator, so why wait until it’s too late to service it?


If you’re interested in learning more about our Annual Service Contracts, click the link below. We’re happy to walk you through the details.



Kristopher Schwind is the proud owner of National Standby Repair.