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As a leading generator repair and service company, we know quality when we see it. We’ve worked with every make and model in the business, and over the years, we’ve compiled a list of the top five standby generators in our professional opinions.

Here are the leading standby generator options for residences, businesses, and government facilities, including specific benefits for residential and commercial customers.



A world leader in the development, design, and manufacture of electrical power generation equipment, Cummins is ready to provide reliable, efficient, and fully-integrated power solutions to help you keep the lights on. With products at power levels ranging from 2.5 to 3,500 kW, Cummins generators are perfect for every setting, bringing quality service to residential, commercial, industrial, and mobile usages.

Cummins is powered by their unique and remarkable expertise in every aspect of generator design and manufacture, offering an integral approach that develops the total system in harmony. Cummins generators come with a single-source warranty for guaranteed functionality.

Residential Benefits: Cummins offers a number of different generator series with unique benefits to each:

  • PowerConnect™ Series: Designed to be quiet, remote diagnostic capabilities, efficient operations, durable design, runs on clean-burning liquid propane or natural gas
  • QuietConnect™ Series: Some of the quietest home generators in the industry, sleek cubic design, remote monitoring and management with mobile app, fuel-efficient engine operation, runs on clean-burning liquid propane or natural gas

Commercial Benefits: Not only does Cummins offer exceptional commercial standby generators, but they have specific product lines available for all industries: Small Business Standby, Commercial Industrial, and High Horsepower Commercial Industrial.




Kohler is a world leader in producing electric generators for a wide variety of uses. Rugged enough to power Admiral Byrd’s expeditions to Antarctica in the 1920s and 1930s, Kohler established itself as an innovative force in the electrical generation marketplace. Today, Kohler is a global force, developing power solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial settings, including standby and emergency power, distributed power, and rental units.

Kohler works hard to develop quality generator systems that can stand up to any situation, exploding barriers to develop generator units at power levels the market has never seen. That’s the legacy of eighty years of innovation and expertise.

Residential Benefits: Kohler offers over two dozen types of residential generators. The greater selection you have, the more likely you are to find the perfect backup power solution for your home.

Commercial Benefits: Kohler caters specifically to small businesses, offering a number of different wattage capacities, fuel categories, and both off-grid and utility-backup power options.




Since 1959, Generac has been manufacturing quality and affordable home generator solutions, and is now the country’s #1 manufacturer of home standby and backup generation systems. Generac’s product line includes generators for portable, commercial, residential, and industrial settings, specializing in light power generators for home usage, right alongside larger models including the Magnum® line of powerful, high-quality trailer-mounted mobile generators.

Residential Benefits: Generac is the #1 selling brand of home backup generators—and it’s hard to argue with that standing!

Commercial Benefits: Generac offers three different fuel category generators—gaseous generators, diesel generators, bi-fuel generators—as well as a full line of industrial transfer switches and controllers. (Not sure what fuel-type is right for your business? We can help.)



Briggs & Stratton


Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest producer of gasoline engines, and that has made them a powerful force in power generation equipment. Specializing in portable and home standby generators, Briggs & Stratton offers reliable, dedicated equipment that will be perfect for your home power supply needs, whether you need the entire house lit up, or just need temporary power for a small project.

Residential Benefits: Briggs & Stratton’s FORTRESS™ line of home standby generator systems comes standard with an oil warmer, keeping your machine warmed up and ready to go even when the temperatures dip.

Commercial Benefits: They offer a wide variety of different generators for any size operation. Their inventory ranges from 17 kW to 200kW.



Unlike some of the other big-name brands on this list, Winco is a smaller, family-owned business manufacturing in rural Tennessee. Since 1925, Winco has offered powerful and reliable generators for a wide variety of settings including residential, commercial, and portable usage. A national leader in generator design and manufacture, Winco’s wide range of generators meet your needs no matter what they are, whether you need a powerful portable generator for industrial application or a massive trailer-mounted diesel generator for large-scale projects. Winco has you covered.

Residential Benefits: Winco offers gaseous, diesel, and air-cooled standby generators for every budget, catering to homes of all sizes and capacities.

Commercial Benefits: Like their residential selection, WInco offers commercial gaseous, diesel, and air-cooled standby generators, but they also offer a number of emergency standby accessories, including high capacity batteries, vapor fuel strainers, and excitation boost systems.


Now that you’ve seen some of the leading standby generator brands, it’s time to ask a leading generator repair and service provider for advice. Schedule a free assessment for your home, building, or business today to see what emergency power solutions are right for you.


Kristopher Schwind is the proud owner of National Standby Repair.