Read the Latest Insights on Standby Generator Maintenance, Emergency Power Planning, and Protecting Your Home & Business

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When natural disasters hit, they tend to hit suddenly and sometimes devastatingly. Making sure your home is prepared prior to any storm, quake, or flood can help ensure your and your family’s safety.

What Do I Need for a Generator?

Making sure you have the proper generator helps guarantee power in your home when severe weather hits.

Standby generators are the most reliable and safe option for making sure your home is powered, and you can choose a standby generator that fits your specific needs. Make sure to research what power requirements you may need, which is dependent on what needs to be kept on in your home. You also want to look at the fuel source, if the generator has automatic shut off/shut on, and other important safety features. Some more features to consider are:

    • Low-oil shutoff: Shuts off your generator if the oil becomes too low to prevent damage.
    • Outlets: Lets you determine how to spread the power in your home if necessary. Make sure to call your local electrician when you need maintenance on your generator’s outlets.

Importance of Maintaining Your Generator

Now that you’ve gotten your standby generator, you have to recognize the importance of upkeep and maintenance, even if you haven’t used it. Some generators have a feature that notifies you if maintenance is needed, so this is a good option for busy individuals.

One of the big things is checking the oil in your generator. Making sure you have enough oil and that the oil is fresh makes your generator run as smoothly as it can. Like a car, a generator needs to be run every once in a while to make sure it works properly. So, if you’re in your dry season and not using your generator, make sure to turn it on and let it recharge so the battery doesn’t die.

Making sure your generator is maintained not only ensures its performance during storms, but also makes sure you’re not paying hefty repair fees for unchecked parts. Going through and checking every part of your generator and making sure it’s working helps guarantee that one small problem won’t grow into a large one.
Generator maintenance not only helps your pocket, but it helps ensure your family’s safety too.

Making sure you have a suitable standby generator for your home and that it’s properly and safely working helps guarantee power during severe weather. National Standby Repair Inc. has everything you need when it comes to buying and maintaining your generator, keeping your family safe when the time comes. NSR can sell you a new standby generator as well as maintenance your current one, so contact us today to get started.