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Hurricanes leave harmful results in their wake, including loss of life and property. Harsh storms like these can knock out basic infrastructure leaving roads impassable. Stormwater can contaminate drinking water and leave entire cities in darkness. If you live in hurricane-prone areas like Texas and Louisiana, you must be ready for anything.

Being prepared is an important way to protect your family, and every family should have a plan, meaning buying essential items before the storm hits. Therefore, you can keep comfortable and safe before help arrives.

What People Need to Purchase in Preparation for the Hurricane Season

Having the necessary survival items during hurricane season may mean the difference between life and death. Here is a list of things you need to purchase to prepare for a storm.


Going out to buy groceries during the rough weather is too dangerous. Some storms can lock you indoors for weeks, cutting you off from getting supplies. You don t want to be locked indoors on an empty stomach.

You should purchase enough food for at least three days. The food should be nonperishable and easy to prepare. Some good foods to keep around are:

  1. Dry cereal
  2. Canned foods like fruits, vegetables, juice, pasta, beans, soups, and meats
  3. Granola and energy bars
  4. Some shelf-stable fruits, including bananas, apples, and oranges
  5. Rice
  6. Peanut Butter
  7. Bread
  8. Pasta Sauce
  9. Seasoning
  10. Oats
  11. Crackers
  12. Nuts
  13. Pasta
  14. Dry cereal
  15. Baby food/formula

You should also have safe drinking water. Experts recommend a daily ratio of 3 gallons per person.

Hygiene and Sanitation Items

It s important to keep clean during hurricanes to prevent further health problems. Try buying enough shampoo, toothbrush, soap, toilet paper, and toothpaste to last while you re hunkering down. Don t forget sanitary products for women.

Hurricanes can cut off water supplies. However, everyone must stay clean to avoid infections and diseases. Hand sanitizer, cloth face coverings, disinfectants, and wet wipes should come in handy.

Babies are more vulnerable to diseases than adults because they have weak immune systems. Remember to buy extra diapers, nappies, baby powder, rash ointment, and other infant-friendly skin care products.


Be sure to stock up on your prescriptions before the storm hits. Ensure that medical items such as canes, syringes, glasses, and hearing aids are in good working conditions. It is especially vital for people whose medical conditions require daily medication.

You should also buy over-the-counter medications. You never know when someone might get a headache, heartburn, or diarrhea. Also include laxatives, antacids, anti-diarrhea, and pain relievers.

Pet Supplies

Pets can easily get overlooked during calamities. For some people, domestic animals are the last thing on their minds when a storm comes. Remember, dogs, cats, and other pets are part of the family, and that they will need care.

Remember to stock up on their pet food, and make sure you ration water to give to your pets. If you need to leave, make sure you have proper crates, harnesses, and leashes for your pets to be safe during travel.

Outdoor Survival Items

Hurricanes can swallow everything in their path. Your power or water might go out, leaving you without vital necessities. You should buy the following items to be on the safe side.

  1. Warm blankets and sleeping bags for everyone
  2. Whistles to alert your rescuers, especially in the dark
  3. Duct tapes and plastic sheets for making temporary shelters
  4. Raingear
  5. Bug repellants

Lighter fluids, lighters, charcoal, and grills are essential for cooking food and keeping warm. Other important items include manual can openers and ropes for climbing or securing things in place.

It would help if you also had a flashlight for lighting, with extra batteries. Get satellite phones or walkie talkies for simple communication because they work even in bad weather. Furthermore, hand-cranked radios will inform you of any news on the hurricane. Ensure you turn that handcrank hard enough to power the radio because it doesn’t rely on electricity.

Emergency Electricity Power Source

A storm takes down power lines leaving entire towns and cities in the dark. However, you can get around that by using generators. They will provide power to your home throughout the night.

Suitable generators should come with an LCD and buttons for easy operation. A good generator will provide enough power to run the freezer, small appliances, and lights for four days.

Powerful generators are not cheap. However, it would help if you considered them an investment. This is because they can save your life and loved ones in dire need. Make sure that you have checked to see if your generator needs maintenance before hurricane season hits.

Tool Kit

Having the right tools and equipment during an emergency gives you peace of mind. Sometimes, during harsh storms, technicians might not be able to come to your location. Homeowners should be ready to deal with such emergencies.

You should purchase essential tools such as hammers, wrenches, and a pair of pliers. A wrench will help you handle plumbing issues. A wire cutter, soldering gun, and screwdriver help repair electronics and restore electrical connections around the house.

First Aid Box

Medical kits are extremely important during natural disasters. Make sure your medical kit has enough to treat wounds of any sizes.

Some people might not have medical knowledge regarding medical emergencies. Ensure your first aid box contains at least the following:

  1. Baby bottle
  2. Syringe
  3. Hypodermic needle
  4. Antiseptic cream or ointment
  5. Adhesive bandages (10 to 15)
  6. Sterile gauze pads (10 to 15)
  7. Surgical tape (2-inches wide)
  8. Tweezers

Although water purifying tablets are a great option, it is still vital to boil your drinking water. Boiling cleanses the water of bacteria, foul tastes, and odors. In times of emergency, you can use the stove to boil water before consuming it. If you don t have power, try looking into using portable water filters.

Oral rehydration solutions (ORS) are salt and sugar solutions that help replace vital electrolytes lost through sweating or diarrhea. You can carry them in sealed packets or bottles and use them when needed.

Waterproof Containers

Hurricanes can turn houses upside down; you might notice roof leaks and broken windows. Moreover, wind and water will enter the home through weak spots and cracks. Waterproof containers are essential for storing valuable items like photographs, important documents, and favorite mementos.

Ensure you have enough containers to store essential things throughout the house to keep them safe from water and winds. It s best to buy watertight boxes or containers because they are cheap and easy to use. It would help if you also had plastic garbage bags for packing items you cannot store.

Fire Extinguishers

Extinguishing fires should be as easy as possible. Hurricanes can, at times, cause electrical fires. This is where a fire extinguisher becomes helpful in extinguishing small fires.

When purchasing a fire extinguisher, ensure it is within your means to store and refill during any emergency. Please read the manufacturer s instructions to familiarize yourself with its operations and requirements before using it. For instance, some fire extinguishers need to be used at a distance of six feet, while individuals can use others at ten feet away.

To know how to use them effectively, go through a quick tutorial on the internet or with your local fire department. It will ensure that you can handle a fire emergency as soon as it occurs.

Mylar Clothing

If your clothes are affected by leaks, you can purchase Mylar clothing. These are paper-like sheets made of aluminum foil as a base. They help reflect heat and protect against colds and flu.

They also protect children from harsh weather conditions and make it easier for them to stay warm in cold weather. You can buy a complete clothing set, including boots, gloves, headbands, and scarves. Furthermore, foil clothing comes in all sizes and colors.

The Bottom Line

Hurricanes can damage everything in their path. You never know when storms could hit your area or how severe they will be. That s why it s essential to be well-prepared.

You don t have to spend much on preparations; buy what you need and fill your home with them. Keep them out of storage until you need them, so the items don t get damaged.

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