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If you are operating a diesel generator in a commercial setting and haven’t had it inspected recently, you could be putting your business at risk.

As temperatures start to drop in the fall and winter months, the risk of heat failure from power loss in commercial facilities becomes a very real, imminent danger, spelling potential disaster for workers and patrons. In addition to the risk of costly repairs and a damaged reputation, you don’t want to put lives in danger from loss of power.

Fortunately, regular inspection can keep your generator in optimal shape so that it may power your facility in the unfortunate event of an outage.

Let’s discuss how to ensure your diesel generator is operating at peak capacity, no matter what the weather brings.


Block Heaters Are Essential

If you’re operating a large commercial facility such as a hospital, it is absolutely critical to ensure that your generator has the proper diesel engine block heaters in place and ready to go as a diesel engine will not start if the engine is cold.

Also referred to as “water jacket heaters,” diesel engine block heaters are essential for standby power applications. They get your facility up and running at full power in a matter of seconds in the case of a power failure.

Since a diesel engine relies on heat from compression for ignition, operating the engine in extremely cold temperatures can make it very difficult to start up. Block heaters keep the engine warm, allowing for combustion to take place at a quicker rate, and keeping the oil at an optimal operating temperature for undisturbed power.

Without the assurance and protection of proper block heaters, your concern isn’t just loss of power, but potentially life-threatening situations.


The Importance of Regular Inspection

Just as your car engine needs regular inspection, your generator is no different. While they are built to last, generators are complex machines, and unanticipated problems can arise. A certified generator technician should perform regular inspections to ensure proper operation, providing necessary protection to your commercial facility.

For the ultimate peace of mind, annual maintenance is ideal, saving you time, money, and frustration by ensuring reliable power that will work when you need it. Regular servicing supports optimal operating ability for as long as possible – and ensure that it will work for the entire year between annual maintenance appointments.

Don’t let your business fall victim to outages. Keep your facility protected and your reputation intact with regular generator inspection and maintenance.

To schedule your generator inspection or start your annual maintenance contract, get in touch with our generator professionals today.




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