Read the Latest Insights on Standby Generator Maintenance, Emergency Power Planning, and Protecting Your Home & Business

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A power outage can have a tremendous impact on your business, and according to a study, our nation’s growing population, aging infrastructure, and the more frequent extreme weather has placed a tremendous strain upon our electric grid. This means that outages will only become more frequent as time goes on.

One of the ways that your business can combat outages and the associated costs is to invest in a commercial generator.

1. Maintain the Comfort and Security of Your Employees & Customers

Should you lose power in the dead of winter, your employees and customers wouldn’t just be uncomfortable, they could be in danger, particularly if the outage is the result of a dangerous storm.

But extreme heat can be just as hazardous to anyone within the walls of your business, increasing the likelihood of outages.

A commercial generator will help keep the lights on as well as the heating and cooling system, ensuring that anyone in the building will be comfortable and safe, no matter the weather.


2. Protect Your Investment

If your business is like most, you have put a lot of money into the technology your company uses every day. From computers to the copier, technology is dependent on electricity, and a power failure can damage your electronics as well as your web hosting service.

However, a commercial generator can kick in immediately, preventing the problem before it starts. The prospect of having to replace expensive electronic equipment is reason enough to consider purchasing a commercial generator for your business.


3. Avoid Lost Revenue

Whether your business is in manufacturing, the food industry, or a wide variety of other industries, time spent without electricity is going to lead to lost revenue. This study found that among eight key market segments, Batch Manufacturing reported the largest yearly losses at $150,000 per facility; the highest outage-related costs fell within the business sector offices, who lost more than $7.5 billion per year, due to the volume of facilities affected.

Retailers see an instant drop in sales if they are forced to close during an outage, and restaurants or commercial kitchens could lose thousands of dollars of product due to spoilage, in addition to the loss of customers and revenue.  It’s vital that businesses have the ability to function regardless of the state of the electrical grid.


4. Protect Lives

Outages in hospitals or assisted living facilities  could be hazardous if the healthcare facility doesn’t have a commercial generator that’s well-maintained and ready to go at the first sign of power loss.

Generators can offer services beyond maintaining vital lifesaving equipment, including ventilators and other important machinery. During times of emergency, such as big storms or drastic weather conditions, people require medical attention that cannot wait for the power to return.


5. Maintain Your Reputation for Reliability

If your business is particularly dependent on customer service, the ability to continue doing business despite an outage communicates to your patrons that they can depend on you, no matter what. When customers know that you have a plan to minimize the impact of an outage, it will increase their satisfaction and you’ll avoid any potential damage resulting from unhappy customers.

While you can’t stop outages from occurring, you can definitely control how your business manages them. Get in touch for a free generator assessment to determine your business’s specific power needs.



Kristopher Schwind is the proud owner of National Standby Repair.